How to Keep Clear From Finance Decision During Credit Crunch

How to keep clear from Finance decisions during the Credit Crunch while trying to get a mortgage in the United Kingdom? The UK’s Credit Crunch does not really have anything to do with real estate or finance but rather it is an economic problem. According to the Financial Times, “Britain’s Credit Crunch may take years to resolve, but is already being seen as one of the world’s great scandals.”

Credit crunch refers to the situation during the Global Financial Crisis of the early 1990’s where credit and financial companies lost their markets in a matter of months and a number of governments decided to print money. It is not just finance and banking that suffered during the Crisis but also real estate and manufacturing.

There are three classes of people in the world – economic elites, economic masses, and economic dregs. Those who are in the second group have no qualms about using fiscal policy to keep the third group in a class by lowering their standards of living for their own gain and wealth.

How do you determine who is on the economic crash and who is not? If a top bank wants to borrow more money, they will most likely get it from the people who are in the first group. The rise of society and consumerism has been responsible for the massive growth of the banks and the resulting profits for the bankers.

When the credit crunch came, it was the masses who lost the most. The credit crunch led to thousands of businesses failing because their credit cards were maxed out and they could not pay their mortgage.

How do you avoid the credit crunch during COVID-19 crisis? This is the kind of question that we hear repeatedly during the Credit Crunch and we believe that people should know that a big part of the boom comes from the people who are not even in the same country as the current leader.

We have watched the US grow to be the world’s largest economy during the Global Economic Crisis. But that has not meant that we are able to keep in touch with our neighbors, much less share our opinions, thoughts, and plans about the global economic meltdown. In fact, the World Bank has stated that the global economic recession has caused the percentage of those using Facebook to increase from 35% to more than 70%.

By no means is the reason that the credit crunch has occurred to have been the fault of the US, because we have been telling you for years that our economic boom would continue for years to come. We even recently got our monetary base to hit a record high. Do you think that this is all due to the global financial crisis?

The majority of the blame has been placed on the financial institutions in the United States and the bankers and corporate people who brought us into the Global Economic Crisis. If you look at the leaders of these institutions, what do you see?

Nothing but empty promises that things will be alright and that the credit crunch will soon be over. Why? Because the masses are fickle and very difficult to convince.

If you are aware of how to keep clear from Finance decisions during the Credit Crunch and instead focus on how to continue the momentum of economic growth, then please consider this in 2020. This article is for informational purposes only. Please consider all facts with a healthy dose of skepticism.